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Credibanco enables through a developer portal at, APIs to integrate real-time card to card transfers through a simple and self-managed experience. This solution allows the client (Fintech startup or Financial Entities) to make money transfers between natural and legal persons from card to card one to one or one to many. The client will be able to count on: Integration components to originate transactions from and to cards. Card storage services securely, in case the Client does not have a mechanism that guarantees the capture, transmission, storage and processing of the sensitive data of the cards according to the current PCI DSS regulations. Functionality that allows identifying a card as a favorite to send and receive money. (This functionality can be used through the Vault API). Solution that allows consulting the transfers originated by the Client, according to different previously established variables.

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Muevy is a Visa Direct enabler that provides white label applications, enabling borderless instant payments and enhancing the opportunities that Open Finance offers. 

Muevy's technology meets the needs of instant payments between people and companies, anywhere in the world within minutes, available 24/7.

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We started operations in 1999, taking leadership in the innovation and transformation of electronic payment platforms, providing over the years, facilitating, secure, and simple solutions for businesses. We continue to work on developing options that can offer your customers more friendly payment experiences and give you total control of your sales.                                                         
The success of your business is our priority. We reinvent ourselves to continue innovating, now VisaNet is NeoNet. Present every day to support you in boosting your business, we are committed to simplifying your customers' payment experience

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CyberSource Payments uses common APIs and a single point of integration to simplify and streamline merchant payments to customers and partners.

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Platform for the digitalization of traditional services, as a way of turning the mobile phone into a tool that breaks the paradigms of digital payments with loyalty platforms, mobile banking and convenient, safe and fast transactions.

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Niubiz is the leading acquirer in the Peruvian market for payment processing, and in partnership with Visa, it leads the business of immediate and interoperable payment solutions through the Visa Direct road; occupying the first place in Peru and the second place worldwide in transactions. Within the immediate payment solutions, we serve use cases such as person-to-person transfers, payments to merchants, wage advances, refunds, debt payment, currency exchange operations, among others.

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