Visa Direct is a global solution for real-time1 money movement for individuals between accounts linked to eligible card credentials and between friends and family domestically and globally

Account-to-account (A2A)

Offer users a simple way to move money between their own bank accounts linked to eligible card credentials.

Domestic peer-to-peer (P2P)

Move money seamlessly in real time¹ with Visa Direct-enabled P2P apps.

Cross-border² remittances

Send funds to friends and family around the world using the eligible debit card they already carry.


Transform account-to-account money movement with Visa Direct³


Consumers can quickly transfer money to their accounts and start investing.


Platforms can enable crypto wallet on/off ramps to their users in real time.¹


Neobanks can offer new account openings and fundings to their customers in real time.¹

Financial Institutions (FI)

Financial Institutions can enhance their account-to-account service offerings to customers.


Fintechs can offer a unified end-to-end payment experience today’s customers expect.


Real-time¹ money movement between friends and family made easy with the help of Visa Direct

Wallet apps⁴

Seamlessly move balances in and out of digital wallets.

Banking apps

Help enable money transfers through mobile banking apps.

Messaging platforms

Integrate peer-to-peer payments within messaging apps.

Cross-Border and Remittances²

Visa Direct partners with leading global remittance providers

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