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Track your business expenses the easy way

Contact your issuer to start streamlining your expenses.

Visa IntelliLink Spend Management

Gain visibility, control and strategic advantage by using Visa IntelliLink Spend Management to manage your spending.

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Visa IntelliLink Spend Management

Is a suite of data services, spend management, reporting and analytical services that provides companies with visibility of their card spending and information to control and manage expenses. The following are some of the numerous advantages the Visa IntelliLink Spend Management solution provides:
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Standardized reports

Interactive reports provide multiple screens, sort options, and alternatives to view information.

Email notifications

Email alerts flag key events, such as approvals, report or statement availability, and program limits status.
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Role-based permissions

Access to accurate information via Internet anytime, anywhere.
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Consolidated reports

Global consolidated reports with specific currency selection.

Visa IntelliLink

To learn more about Visa IntelliLink Spend Management and how your organization can benefit, please contact your commercial bank.

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