Visa Performance Management Services

VPMS is a suite of scalable “Always On” and “On Demand” services that ensure portfolio growth and drive performance optimizations. This service can help you obtain higher authentication and authorization rates, lower your fraud rates, eventually resulting in more revenues from clients.

Visa Performance Management Services features

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Performance Management

  • Best in class SME led rules enhancements
  • A/B test and learn as advanced testing available
  • Enrollment into our model development program available
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AI and Automation

  • Automated diagnostics of opportunities for the tools
  • Scaled to entire client base for regular hassle free diagnostics
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Just in Time Delivery

  • Emerging threat triggers
  • Digital diagnostics
  • Frequent SEM PoV
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Hyper Personalization

  • Client capability enhancement
  • Relevant critical rule prioritization
  • "Price for performance" option

Deliver targeted authorization and authentication strategies to optimize cardholder performance

Improve authentication and authorization approvals rates while mitigating fraud, with the support of Visa Consulting & Analytics, a team of experts that can help you assess the way risk can impact your business.

Phase 1: Discovery

To identify what are the gaps vs best practices in authorization and authentication.

Phase 2: Training

To develop internal capabilities in fraud risk management and other topics identified in previous phase.

Phase 3: Implementation

To deploy best practices for risk management to increase service levels and keep fraud under control.


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